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JY Series Insulating Joints

Insulating joints are mainly used in underground gas transition and distribution system including gas reducing station. The product insulating each section of gas transition and distribution pipeline, also the part between gas reducing station and the pipeline, which increase the life of the plant and equipment by reducing or eliminating the electric and chemical corrosion damage.
——Size Range:DN25(1")~DN1200(48")
——Pressure Class:ANSI 150 ~ ANSI 600(Up to ANSI1500)
——Working Temp:-10~+90℃
   Hydrostatic test:1.5 times MOP
   Electrical resistance:≥100MΩ(1000V DC) Under Dry air,25℃
   Dielectrical voltage:3.5KV/50Hz(1 min)(Can be 5.0KV up to the request)
——Suitable Media:Gas,Oil,Water
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